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About us
My hubby and I have been married for 15 years. We have 4 boys and live in Laie HI. Where my husband works for BYU Hawaii.

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Thursday, August 25, 2011


to look like a
 tough kid...

 He is still sweeter than ever, 
 he still 
holds my hand in public.
But when I look at these pictures it reminds me that 
he is growing into a man..
long deep breath..sigh..

enough of that
now onto surfing...

 B and A 
have been really excited 
to come to Hawaii to catch some waves. 
They thought,
 Hawaii = easy surfing

Not so much.

Honestly they both haven't had much experience surfing any where but they were able to catch the white water in California then stand and surf in but that's about it.

The surfing waves here are far from the shore and you have to paddle pretty far out to catch any.

they were a little intimidated, 
I had to do a little convincing 
They were worried the other surfers would be bugged with them for being out there and they were kind of nervous to go out that far.

( and lets be honest I was a little nervous  that they were going out that far as well,
 luckily my camera has super zoom )

They finally got up the nerve to go for it..
They went out  
 waited and waited and waited.

( we were at a beginners spot and the other surfers were super nice,
 even gave the kids tips. So no need to be worried)

 B finally caught one!
( I was standing on the shore cheering,
 I am sure I looked like a ridiculous hoalie)

The pictures above and below were taken at Chuns Reef .
 "A" has gone out  2-3 times a week and has practiced really hard. 
His practice is paying off because
he was able to catch a ton of waves.

 I am sure it had to do a lot with the ocean, 
but it also has to with timing and paddling to catch it.

I am really proud of  both of them for
 teaching themselves
and for being
so patient!

 I think they have been bitten by the surf bug..
(hang loose)

Saturday, August 13, 2011

Back to school:(

T and lil B's school is three blocks from our house,
 They love that they can walk to school with the neighborhood kids.

Here is the elementary school that T and lil B go to. 

  Check out these playscape statues... 
The kids were trying to figure out what game you could play on them.


Hawaiian wooden wall sculptures, one day I will learn the story.

 Talmages class. Mrs. Ah You..

This information was at the beginning of T's homework planner.
I had never even thought to look for missiles, but I guess it makes since with Pearl Harbor and all..
 Kind of scary.

Below is Br and A's school. The JR High is connected to the High School. 
So far its been very good!

Saturday, August 6, 2011

Did I mention we live in the country?

Yes we live in the Country!
This is a common scene, chickens everywhere!
 This picture is taken  in front of our one and only grocery store.
Every year the boy scouts round up the wild chickens, and do what what them?
I am not sure I want to know.:)

This is the beach we love to go to. 
It is usually not crowded and has the best (easiest) surfing waves around.
Best of all I can pronounce the name.
That is a major feat in and of it self. I am really bad at the Hawaiian names...
 Beach name-
 I can pronounce Castles.

Above is the parking lot. Notice it's not paved! Love that!

Below is what is directly across the street from the beach parking lot. 
Cows and lots of farm land= Beautiful!
You would think stinky but nope the ocean air helps with that.

 up and over the grassy hill to the beach we go...

Of course the country beach would not be a country beach without the chickens!

Don't forget the farmer tan! 
You've got to have a farmers tan to go to the country beach:)
At least that's what this little boy thinks.