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About us
My hubby and I have been married for 15 years. We have 4 boys and live in Laie HI. Where my husband works for BYU Hawaii.

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Thursday, September 29, 2011


Country living makes you "make do". If you don't have garlic bread to serve with your pasta while  having guests for dinner, just serve crackers. The good thing is everyone is in the same boat. We all know how much effort it takes to drive to Costco, the grocery store here in Laie is kind of expensive, so you just "make do".
 I actually really like that about here. 
Simplicity and no pressure. 

 This week we were trying to "make do".

My older boys were going to be wearing white pants one night this week and they were going to special thing so they had to be presentable.

THEY own plenty of underwear, just none the shade of white... 

 White pants  + Colored underwear = Not Professional. 

 A house full of boys + Anything white =Lots of stain removal

 So, I buy nothing white!

 Target and Costco are an hours drive.

This put us in a little predicament.

 I really didn't want to  drive an hour for undies so Dan and I walked to the local grocery store to see what "crackers" we could come up with knowing they probably didn't have actual underwear but hoping they might.

THE above picture was the first "cracker" we found.  
A hernia support was their second..
(Look up the picture, hilarious!)
The third, a jock strap.

We came home and let the boys know what their options were.
Trying to tell them in as serious a way as we could
 all the while stifling our laughter!

They were shocked at first then fits of laughter came spewing from their  now unshocked faces.

Needless to say I drove an hour to buy them actual white underwear.
Garlic bread was needed "crackers" would not do this time around.


  1. I would have voted for the hernia support!!! I looked it up. That thing is awesome! Why in the world did they have to wear white pants though? Temple?

  2. I vote for the depends....Then you can borrow them on your next jog since I'm not there to share with you my endless supply! :)

  3. oops....anonymous is me (Jalyn)