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About us
My hubby and I have been married for 15 years. We have 4 boys and live in Laie HI. Where my husband works for BYU Hawaii.

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Monday, September 19, 2011

Wailele Falls Hike

 We have really been wanting to hike. 
So on Saturday we found a hike that was close to our house, 

 Wailele Falls

Trying to find any info regarding this hike was a big pain.
 I am thinking someone doesn't want anyone to hike here.
 Thus the above sign which is  
"the trail maker"  for the beginning of the hike 
although it says nothing of the falls on the sign.

 We passed the sign then headed up this dirt road, 
very pretty, 
 with farm area on your right and stream on left.
 Then we hit this sign, 
 we started to question whether we were headed the right way.
Luckily there were some farmers out and we asked about the falls and they pointed us this way.
We continued past more farms.
On all of our hikes,  lil B is our leader, we do this to keep HIM from complaining and getting tired. 
We call him Captain and he pretty much gives us orders and warns us of danger. 
It keeps him so entertained I almost think he was born do this sort of thing.
 No wonder he's so bossy at home:) 
 This was where the fun began!
 We zigzagged through the river many times, up and over rocks.
Yes, we all did get wet. 
Those rocks are slippery!
Over fallen down trees.

 Oh and don't forget the gauva berries.
 B and T's favorite!

After 1.5 miles we made it the falls! 
 We thought we were in the clear for the trip back, we were so caught up in the accomplishment,
 ( it seemed alot further than 1.5 miles)
that we missed the trail marker for our first turn on one of the trees and ended up lost! 
But quickly found our way back to the trail and made it to the car just before it started pouring rain!
Overall it was a really fun hike, 
the kids liked it a lot  because of the rock scrambling and thought it was a better hike than Laie Falls.
Apparently there are many names for this hike.. the most common one is Wailele, not Wakelele which is what we thought at first.. No wonder we couldn't find much info on it. W


  1. Pretty cool, but I'm turning you in for trespassing.

  2. @The Gearharts Heartless low life...