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About us
My hubby and I have been married for 15 years. We have 4 boys and live in Laie HI. Where my husband works for BYU Hawaii.

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Friday, February 17, 2012

Some of my projects..

I have been working on a couple projects over the past few months.. The picture below is an extension of our living room. It was taken when we first moved in. I thought I had more recent "before" pictures but all of my pictures were deleted:( Luckily I had this one on the blog and did some serious cut and paste work. Not the clearest picture but you can kind of figure out how it looked.

The following two pictures are "afters"..
I painted the built in cream and the walls a light greyish taupe color.. I like color! I added the pillows on the window seat and some window ties..

The eating area is pictured below. I really wanted something to distract away from the cinder block walls. 
So I painted my curtains.
 Yes I know, who in the world paints their curtains? Actually lots of people do.
At least that's what they tell me on pinterest, where I found the idea. 
They were orginally black so I why not add a couple stripes. 
I wish I could say I did it because I couldn't find any black and white striped curtains, 
but that would be a lie..
I am just cheap!
I redid the light below. 
It was the most hideous light I had ever seen! 
Dirty brass was the color of this baby with glass panels that had waves running across each panel. 
I wish I had before pictures!! 
I am quite happy with my red hanging lamp. 
SO excited! The whole redo cost me 3.49$. The cost of spray paint!

 I  couldn't stop with the lamp I had to do the kitchen table below. 
I took pictures as I was doing it but guess what? 
They are lost as well:(
When I say I redid it, I really mean it, I sanded the oak top,sanded it till it was raw wood,
then re-stained it and then lacquered! 
It was a BIG pain!
Lots of mess ups! In the end I really liked it, would I do it again? Probably!!
 The chairs and base of the table were primed and painted black. 
Which I LOVE because the chairs were different styles and colors, so it kind of brings it all together.

In the picture below I painted the hanging lamp shade. Yes PAINTED...
( I know I have issues)
 It was white so I stenciled and painted.
 Don't look to closely...hehe

 Below is B and T's bunk bed, which needed a little pick me up... 
Primer and paint was needed!
 D thinks maybe I have a little too much time on my hands.. 
shh don't tell him, but he may be right!

 I finally have a before picture!!  
Below is B and A's room.

The after.. 
Not much of a difference, but I dyed the bed skirts,
added the head boards
 and guess what? 
You guessed it, primed and painted the bed side table and the dressers.:) 

and painted one wall. 

Man, I am sick of paint!!


  1. You have seriously been busy. The house looks fantastic!

  2. Care it looks great. You have been one busy lady. All of your hard work paid off. Love all of the PAINT! Paint is amazing, and I love all the colors you chose.

  3. That all looks amazing!!! You are so creative. And I am not showing my Dan because this is the type of stuff he wants me to do and I have no desire! You have done more in 6 months than I have done in six years!!

  4. I love all your projects! You are so creative- your house will always be beautiful! Love it all!