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About us
My hubby and I have been married for 15 years. We have 4 boys and live in Laie HI. Where my husband works for BYU Hawaii.

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Monday, May 7, 2012

Living the easy going life on the Island

Especially for me, now that we have been here for a while I can admit it to all of you . I kind of had a hard time with it. We came from California where the kids were in sports year round (all four of them on different teams),church etc..
we were really, really busy. 
and I liked being busy!

I had a hard time getting used to not always having to be somewhere or having to do something. It was really kind of hard to adjust to. I had to come to terms with the fact that it actually was ok to just "be", without having to go and do something.
 It was kind of soul searching time for me.

That being said, I have adjusted quite well, the kids have to. It took only about a month or two. I think we have adjusted almost to well. I am so used to not having to be anywhere at night or do anything that I savor it. You see what I mean, I think I have adjusted to well.. I am becoming a home body who loves to be home with the family. . Going to the beach whenever we please, taking hikes with the family, playing board games, watching movies.  And I am totally ok with it!

It really has been a fabulous year. Yesterday I was laying in my bed, on a lazy Sunday afternoon as the kids all piled in at different times during the day to snuggle and laugh and talk, it got me to think about how  important this move was for our family.  I think I have gotten to know each of my kids much better and grown closer to them, especially the older ones than ever before and I love it! I LOVE that they want to be with us, that they talk to both D and I. I know it won't last much longer but I hope we can continue to keep the closeness we have built this year forever. I vow never to be as busy as before! hahah, It's probably going to get busier isn't it??

My handsome "A" . 


  1. I'm glad you posted this...I've kinda been jealously watching all the young families in our ward and their busy lives thinking that I want to be busy and not a home body...but it's good to spend time with your family huh? You're boys are getting too old! And all of them are oh so handsome!

  2. what a great post. makes me long for a more relaxed life! soak it up! love the pics of A. so handsome.