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About us
My hubby and I have been married for 15 years. We have 4 boys and live in Laie HI. Where my husband works for BYU Hawaii.

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Monday, September 24, 2012

Yellowstone day 1

 After a really long drive we finally made it to the much anticipated Yellowstone! We headed out on our first hike to Mystic Falls. We hiked the longer route which I think is a must do, it was breathtaking!
 At the beginning of the trail we were able to see these colorful boiling pools. 
 My photographer of the trip.. MR. A,  would rather be behind the lens. 

 We made it to the top of the mountain!!
 B opting for sweatshirt on face rather than sunscreen.. This became a popular look in Yellowstone:)

 Here's our photographer!
 Mystic Falls!
 Some wrestling before we get back into the RV...One day soon D will not be able win.

 Our first wildlife spotting!!! 

 They actually do like each other sometimes!!
 We then drove up a to a cute town where there are Elk just sitting around everywhere and had dinner at a yummy restaurant. We made the kids try horseradish..not their favorite, but it was super funny!
 D always says if our kids can find anything in the gift shops with their name on it he would buy it for them, thinking no store has our crazy names on them. Well "A" found a ton of items, including this bumper sticker, and girls lunch box which we made him get. Every once in a while it shows up in his backpack for school. hehe

 Some more Elk. This picture was taking while we were have sitting in the RV waiting for the restaurant to open for dinner. The Elk was running towards our open window. WE quickly shut it, scared of what he was planning on doing!
 Yep we have a teenager!
Lil B..love this smile!

1 comment:

  1. The beauty of the Mystic falls is incredible! Looks like you guys really had a good time in Yellowstone. Sunscreen and covered eyes and face are the needed protection in times like these. Anyway, these are all lovely photos.